Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: William Mondejar, Aimilios Kourafas

Client: Karma Developers

Type: Residential

Location: Protaras - Cyprus

Area: 6,000 Sqm

Design: 2018

Stage: Planning Permit

The 9 houses proposed for development in Paralimni, Protaras, combines two typologies of housing: Type A, and Type B. Both typologies consist of a minimalist architectural style where spaces are organised within prominent linear dividers that dissect the plot from the street perpendicular to the sea, to make the plots seem larger than they actually are and to make the most of the sea views. 


Type A

The main living space is accessible from the street on the ground floor through a corridor of walls separating the garage and the kitchen spaces, two volumes that extend out from the main body of the building whilst being held in place by a large slab overhead. Architectural projections extend out from the main shell of the building, making the living spaces larger, both practically and visually, as well as allowing green spaces in, thus generating an interesting dialogue between inside and outside.

CYC Student Residence architecture

Volumes extend horizontally from the inside to the outside to promote the idea of elongating the space. The organization of spaces on the ground floor between the prominent linear dividers and the strategic positioning of the building on the plot encourages visual connections between the inside living spaces and the generous size outside garden, and vice versa. Following clean and straight lines, the design reinforces the idea behind the concept: less is more.

CYC Student Residence architecture
EkkyS_Karma Halki (4).jpg
EkkyS_Karma Halki (3).jpg

Linear Slicing of the Plot

The primary concept is to slice the plot with prominent linear dividers, to create a sense of elongation by making the plot appear longer than it actually is. 

This design approach aims to get the most out of the site with a row of luxurious buildings that create a sense of large fluid spaces that connect the inside with the outside by promoting the sea views. 

Type B

As in the previous typology, the living space is accessible at ground level between the garage and a stone wall which extends out of the building’s facade to create a private garden space behind. The open plan design of the kitchen, dining, and living space fills the space generated from the crossing over of two slabs and the large glazed facade allows for greater connection between the inside and outside. An extra bedroom with its own private garden is also included in the design of the ground floor and is accessible through a sliding door between the bathroom and the staircase which also adds to the visual aesthetic of openess. 

CYC Student Residence architecture
CYC Student Residence architecture

Verandas extend out of the ground floor spaces into a garden elongating the interior spaces outside to make them feel much larger as well as enhancing the connection between inside and outside. The swimming pool wraps around the building and extends lengthways outwards into the garden creating interesting perspective views, especially when accessed by the prolongation of the internal staircase. The pool is surrounded by a vertical garden which hangs from a stone wall that wraps around the pool from the house to a decking area.

EkkyS_Karma Halki (6).jpg
EkkyS_Karma Halki (5).jpg

Linear Slicing of the Plot

The primary concept is to slice the plot with prominent linear dividers, to create a sense of elongation by making the plot appear longer than it actually is. 

The chosen materials have the capacity to create authentic textures that are pleasing to both the eye and the touch. Pale, naturally pigmented colors are used to create a warm, light atmosphere.
The signature materials of this house is concrete, wood and stone - They offer a warm touch. Wooden Louvres used on the first floor allow light to pass through the panels, creating an interesting, unique effect in the spaces. 
Outside as well as inside, the house has finishes in rich, natural woods. 

The use of full height-glazing help to bring nature into the interior, connecting the outside with the inside. In this way, we bring light into the house and foster a sense of harmony with the natural surrounding. 


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