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frame house

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Petros Stavrakis

Client: Private

Type: Residential

Location: Nicosia- Cyprus

Area: 620 sqm

Stage: Completed

Design: 2018


The house has a contemporary character, with some classic elements. The house and the outdoor areas face South, with linear elements directing all focus towards the exterior and interior gardens. The “drive-thru“ parking is located on the northern side of the plot, leaving the spacious southern part of the plot to be used as a garden. The full-height glass elevation on the ground floor allows unobstructed views to the garden, as well as to the water element on the northern side of the house. 


The semi-outdoor water element is the most important feature of the house, as it connects the exterior with the interior of the house. The water element adds to the sutsainability of the house, keeping the interior cool in the summer. 


The Ground floor consists of the Living Area, the Dining Area, the Kitchen and Kitchenette, the Playroom/Office, the semi-outdoor water element, Garden, the double Parking and Storage area.


On the first floor, the Master Bedroom location has the advantage of the Northern sunlight and Western wind (for better ventilation.) The Bedrooms are located on the Southern side of the plot, having direct and maximum sunlight throughout the day.

Linear Arrangement 
The primary concept is to connect the two opposite roads with a drive thru parking space on the Northern side of the plot. As a result, the building is in a linear arrangement, extending from the West to the East. The plot is split in three main zones: the drive thru parking zone, the main building zone, and the garden area.

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