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about EKKY

EKKY Studio is an architectural practice based in Nicosia, Cyprus. It was founded in 2009 by architects Kenzo Yamashita and Elina Kriticou with the philosophy of designing sustainable and engaging Architecture focused on people, culture and tradition.

Focal to its philosophy is to maximize the potential of each project they undertake in all relevant dimensions - environmental, social and economic - with Bioclimatic solutions being fundamental to their approach. With the use of diagrams, 3d models, animation, images and physical models, they provide a realistic experience of the design proposal at an early stage thus gaining the customers’ confidence and consensus. With starting point a thorough understanding of context, history, and brief and a subsequent holistic interpretation of every stage involved, they propose robust design solution, using traditional and new materials combined in harmony.


Since its creation, EKKY Studio has accumulated substantial and diverge expertise, undertaking a variety of projects ranging from big scale, complex ones to smaller scale with private clients. Empowered by a team of innovative skilled architects of rich and variant background, it delivers a fresh approach to architectural design.


Analysis and Brief

We start each project with a thorough understanding of context, history, and brief. We believe that each project should be responsive to its users and environment.

Aesthetic Clarity

We believe that architecture should be clear, coherent and comprehensible, both in conception and construction. The form and materials of our designs reinforce the idea behind the concept: less is more. The beauty of our architecture relies on the dialogue between spaces, the relation between indoors and outdoors, the materials and the atmosphere they create.


EKKY studio was founded on the notion of collaboration. We believe that collaboration drives creative solutions and fosters a team-based approach which enables the achievement of high quality results.

Technology and Culture

Our work is informed by technological and cultural dimensions, with both a local and global perspective. We intend to be up to date in art and design evolution and new technologies. We propose robust design solutions, using both traditional and new materials.

Bioclimatic Analysis and Sustainability

We believe that architecture should establish a relationship with and adapt to the surrounding environment, protecting and enhancing it as far as possible. We study each case by paying attention to the location, orientation, vegetation, natural lighting and ventilation, maximizing the potential of each project.

Client Feedback

With the use of drawings, diagrams, photorealistic representations, 3d models and physical models, we achieve a realistic experience of the design proposal at an early stage. In this way, our clients are able to visualize the end-product and take faster and better decisions.

Meet The Team

Elina Kritikou

Lead Architect & Founder

Kenzo Yamashita

Lead Architect & Founder

Marina Georgiou

Associate Architect

Aimilios Kourafas

 Project Architect

Katriona Eleni PIllay

Project Architect

Alexis Mavros 

Project Architect

Lia Hartoutsiou

Project Architect

Aram Ahmed

Project Architect

Anthi Saranti

Office Manager

Sophia Theologou

    Project Architect

Stefanos Theodorou

    Project Architect

external collaborators

Manuela Ianni


David Abondano


Rodolfo Reis


CG Architect

Theodoros Giannopoulos

Always part of EKKY Studio Team:

Petros Stavrakis,Eleutherios Nicolaou,Julia Bertino,Ourania Apserou, Irene Evgeniou, William Modejar, Alexandros Kkoufou, Andria Charilaou, Andrea Margadji, Katerina Pavlou, Rafaela Aristodemou, Eleutheria Koufou, Maria Souroula, Marcos Saseides, Maria Taramounta, Antonis Kypridemos, Marios Kypridemos, Anna Hatzimitsi 

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