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3 houses in nicosia

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Alexandros kkoufou, William Mondejar

Client: Nice Day

Type: Residential

Location: Nicosia - Cyprus

Area: 900 sqm

Stage: Construction

Design: 2019

EkkyS_Nice House_Renders_B_006.jpg

The plot’s particularity, morphology and the surrounding area was of key importance for every design decision. While the elongated nature of the plot allows for a linear arrangement, the height differences and the aspect of privacy from the surrounding buildings were a major factor dictating the conditions.

EkkyS_Nice House_Renders_B_011.jpg
EkkyS_Nice House_Renders_B_009.jpg
EkkyS_Nice House_Renders_B_001.jpg

After many iterations trying many different possibilities some design decisions were naturally adopted derived from the plot conditions. The first two houses were suited for a basement level where functions that would otherwise occupy important space from the higher level, are now impact less on the living conditions of the living spaces. This allowed for a maximum garden area. Furthermore the spaces are arranged in such a way which creates a unique experience moving along the building. The main spaces are fragmented and later connected with circulation or secondary services thus creating slots in the volumetric composition of the house, creating green layers deeper in the building while providing an uncommon way of experiencing the spaces.

EkkyS_Nice House_Renders_B_007.jpg

The third house is treated with the same qualities but instead arranged without the basement level. Taking into account the shape of the last part of the plot and the future possibility of having a garden extension, the last house was also implemented with a swimming pool. 

Plot Division

The plot is divided taking into account the morphology and the dimensions of the whole plot to allow each house to equally share the same qualities.

EkkyS_Nice House_Renders_B_002.jpg
EkkyS_Nice House_Renders_B_004.jpg

Lastly the design direction chosen for the project is an important parameter shaping the project. The design language chosen for the treatment of the building is identifying the harmony found in simple white forms with particular details like perforation, greenery and vertical elements which exaggerates the well balanced proportions of the houses. 

EkkyS_Nice House_Renders_B_003.jpg
EkkyS_Nice House_Renders_B_016.jpg
EkkyS_Nice House_Renders_B_013.jpg
EkkyS_Nice House_Renders_B_015.jpg
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