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Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Stefanos Theodorou

Client: Private

Type: Residential Development

Location: Nicosia

Area: 395 sqm

Stage: Design

Design: 2022


The main concept idea of the project is to create an aesthetically pleasing, minimal, and cosy environment for the residents where they can “escape” from their surroundings and create their own unique living world. Taking into consideration the client’s need for privacy and yet having as much outdoor space as possible, the layout of the building expands throughout the plot. The building layout allows indoor and outdoor relationships and at the same time, the use of building elements and vegetation prevents any direct visual contact with the neighbours.



The architectural language of the house follows simple and yet aesthetically pleasing forms. The main concept is to maintain a minimal and monocytic design of both indoor and outdoor spaces to create a continuous connection of the spaces that could be used especially during summertime as one big open space.

render 02.jpg
Arizona Plan View

Ground Floor Plan


The selected materials for the project are mainly inspired by colour shades and textures of Arizona’s desert landscape. The aim is to use earthy and warm materials, all in similar shades for both indoor and outdoor spaces to read the whole project as one.

Living Room


Rocks and dry vegetation are used for the landscape to complement the materiality of the building without any contrast but blend together and create a calming atmosphere.

render 04a.jpg
02 - AXO.jpg

Axonometric Diagram

Front View
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