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Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Aram Ahmed, Alexis Mavros

Client: Private

Type: Residential Development

Location: Paphos

Area: 1110 sqm

Stage: Construction

Design: 2022



The design will be based on three pilars taking into consideration the unique site we have.
1. The integration of the special morphology of the plot in the design process to create a smooth
relationship between the building and the landscape.
2. The utilization of the privileged location of the plot to create Open spaces and views towards the
sea, also to take advantage of the ideal orientation of the plot to bring natural light to the main
spaces of the house.
3. Privacy from the street.



The development will be on the south-east side of the plot as it is the highest point of the plot. which allow the best viewes and minimize the risk of having the building’s views blocked by further development.

AERIAL 01.jpg


Twisting the house towards the West, allows us to embrace the natural morphology of the land and maximize the views towards the sea and the daily seeing of the sunsets of the area. To embrace further the natural landscape, the building has been divided to three volumes, stepping down along the landscape creating verandas along the way. This stepping down, can also separate the uses, allowing different activities not interacting with each other, but also creating more natural privacy boundaries.



As the concept of the building is to embrace the natural landcape morphologically; thus we decided that it has to blend with it by using natural materials which will also create more visual privacy for the inhabitants as the building will be harder to differantiate from the landscape.


Location of the Development

Using only half of the plot and giving the opportunity for future development


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