Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Andria Charilaou

Client: Private

Type: Residential

Location: Halkidiki - Greece

Area: 130 sqm

Design: 2020

Stage: Design

The design of the Bungalows is based on  fully open plan layout where at the same time the user will have the opportunity to transform and adjust the room using the hidden separation elements to create three private rooms.The open plan layout creates bigger spaces for the user to feel comfortable and enjoy their stay.

Big openings for a direct view towards the sea from all interior spaces

Zone division, bedrooms, bathrooms and common spaces

All materials and textures are harmonically blend-in within the space and create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the user.


23 Dimofontos
1075 Nicosia - Cyprus

EKKY studio  + 357 22 31 19 24

email:       info@ekkystudioarchitects.com

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