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Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Alexandros kkoufou, Petros Stavrakis

Type: Commercial

Location: Limassol - Cyprus

Area: 6,500 sqm

Stage: Design

Design: 2018

The thin and elongated nature of the plot provided a creative intricacy to be generated in order to solve the project’s difficulties in a delicate manner. Restrictions were resolved with a prolific approach with the aim to create a building development responding to all possible needs.

The plot was separated into two areas, each one responding to different criteria while both merging together in a harmonious way.

The bigger area of the complex is given to the public park, great place along the elogivity of the plot to provide gardens and plenty of plants, thus creating a harmonious and pleasant living environment within the plot. The parking is given in the lower part of the plot in order to separate the pedestrian and vehicles circulation while the same time using this typology as an opportunity to create more common space in-between the public park. 
The public park is a place for all of them, with a plenty of activities inside. The big trees and plants are create a nice shaded areas inside of the park to protect the people from the hot and dry weather of Cyprus. Also the public park will be a big natural element of the city because of the scale of it.

The public park will be a part of the neighbourhood and the surrounding area. It’s a place for all the ages and activities like a bicycling, relaxing, playground, etc. The park will be a shortcut inside of the city and natural place with a plenty of flowers, trees, water, different materials. During the walking in the park, people will feel the different materials, the shaded  and relaxing areas inside of the plants.


The pedestrians are served along the whole complex with a road accessed from both street sides of the plot. Additionally the road is wide enough to provide access for any emergency vehicle for any situation that can arise.

The Office Building part of the development is individually served by its own underground parking thus removing any circulation confliction with the public park.


The office building is placed along the busy street, on the northern side of the plot, creating a modern and refined front side for the whole building complex. The composition consists of building volumes put together with right proportions and building usability as parameters. Creating a void in the middle was of paramount importance with the aim to create a welcoming square leading in the heart of the building while giving enough indirect skylight to all the interior spaces.

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