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Δ Tower



The notion of the “Δ Tower”, is to acquire the role of a “landmark” for the city of Nicosia. In our opinion, to be a “landmark” is to be distinct and imposing. The “Δ Tower” embraces this role with its sharp angular facade, bold character and dynamic movement.

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Alexandros Kkoufou, Petros Stavrakis

Client: Nice Day Developers

Type: Competition

Location: Nicosia - Cyprus

Design: 2019

EkkyS_Delta Tower_Render_006.jpg
EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_002.jpg
EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_009.jpg

With an efficient plan organization and volume arrangement, the “Δ Tower” (pronounced Delta Tower, derived from the 4th Greek letter delta) occupies the proposed site as efficiently as possible, prioritizing the assets of the plot. The ensured views are taken into consideration in the initial arrangement and configuration of the apartments, following a simple and efficient layout.

EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_011.jpg

Core Strategic Arrangement

The core is strategically located at the back of the plot. This ensures maximum unobstructed views to the city as the apartments are positioned along the main road. Since the core is situated at the midpoint of the plot boundary, less area is wasted for the need of corridors, as the apartments are accessible directly from the core lobby. Less circulation translates into more spacious apartments. The tower consists of two cores, with one of them connecting the parking basements with the rest of the floors and as a means of fire escape.

EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_010.jpg
EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_008.jpg
EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_006.jpg

Ηaving a quite narrow shape, the challenging plot is mostly occupied to satisfy the required building density. The form of the building is  as simple and straight-forward as possible, minimizing any wasted space and irregular shapes.  With the core strategically located at the mid-point of the back side of the plot and the apartments situated along the main road, we ensure maximum unobstructed views to the city, while less area is wasted for the need of corridors. Less circulation translates into more spacious apartments.

AXO USES 2.jpg

Distribution of the Apartments

Vertical Circulation

AXO USES 3.jpg

Core Layout

EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_004 (2).jp
EkkyS_Delta Tower_Render_008.jpg
EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_003.jpg


While the form of the building and the layout of the plan is as simple and efficient as possible, what gives the “Δ Tower” its identity is the angular form of the facade. The facade, shaped by the form of the protruding verandas and vertical louvers, promotes multi-orientated views, directing the focus of the spectator towards various point-references in the city.


Axonometric Detail

EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_015.jpg
EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_016.jpg
EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_012.jpg


White concrete and white aluminium louvers form the envelope of the building, keeping a minimal, contemporary character. Wood is also incorporated in the design, adding warmth and colour to the interior and covered verandas. Greenery placed behind the vertical louvers translate the white elements into growing green walls, bringing nature into the interior and fostering a sense of harmony.

EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_013.jpg
EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_019.jpg
EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_014.jpg


Very few selected materials are used, to complement the playful angular facade. The materials and colour tones are very carefully chosen to achieve a simplistic, light, yet warm atmosphere.

EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_017.jpg
EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_007.jpg


The interior of the apartments are also dominated by the same simplistic style, and have finishes in rich, natural woods, as well as marble. The combination of white, cold elements, as well as natural materials that radiate luxury, give a contemporary yet luxurious character.

EkkyS_Delta Tower_Render_005.jpg


The White Aluminium louvers give privacy to the apartments and contribute to the playfulness of the facade. The alternating orientation of these louvers creates an image which is perceived differently as one walks around of the tower, creating opaque and transparent segments.

EkkyS_Delta Tower_Render_004.jpg
EkkyS_Delta Tower_Renders_New_018.jpg
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