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event VENUE

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Petros Stavrakis, Lia Hartoutsiou, Aram Ahmed

Client: Private

Type: Commercial

Location: Larnaca- Cyprus

Area: 1568 sqm

Stage: Planning Permit

Design: 2018

EkkyS_Wedding Venue Renders_001.jpg

Straight lines and simple geometrical forms that follow the existing buildings and the plot’s boundary lines are used for the project’s design. The design of the event venue has as a main concept the connection between nature, landscape and the enclosed spaces where the visitors will be able to have a physical and visual contact. 

The location of the project is within a residential area in Aradippou, therefore the privacy of the neighbours is taken under careful consideration. In order to increase the privacy and decrease the noise from disturbing the neighbours, screen installations and double facades that wrap the buildings and the plot are placed as an additional noise insulation. Moreover, the location of the outdoor spaces and the parking space are designed on the opposite side of the residential area in order to avoid any disturbance.

EkkyS_Wedding Venue Renders_010.jpg
EkkyS_Wedding Venue Renders_002.jpg

Main landscape  paths are designed parallel to the parking space to lead the visitors to the main entrance of the event venue. As a starting point and connection point from the parking space to the main path and the main entrance, a large pavilion is designed in order to orientate the visitors. From there, the visitors will be able to guide themselves to the event spaces. During their walk they will be able to enjoy the landscape where greenery wraps around them.

EkkyS_Wedding Venue Renders_008.jpg
EkkyS_Wedding Venue Renders_006.jpg

Design Axis
The project is designed around  two straight lines. The first one is parallel from the street (blue), and the second one parallel from the existing buildings on the site. (red) These axes are repeated as guide lines for a number of elements in the site.

EkkyS_Wedding Venue Renders_011.jpg

The event space is easily adjustable according to the preferences of the host and also to the size of the event. For this project indoor and outdoor spaces are designed where the host will have the opportunity to combine and arrange the space accordingly. 

In general the project combines greenery and water elements with earth tones on the facade in order to create an atmospheric , romantic and cozy environment.  The event area and the surrounding landscape consists of spacious and open areas where the visitors can have a comfortable and joyful time.

EkkyS_Wedding Venue Renders_003.jpg
EkkyS_Wedding Venue Renders_005.jpg
EkkyS_Wedding Venue Renders_012.jpg
EkkyS_Wedding Venue Renders_009.jpg
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