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EkkyS_GEG House_Render_001.jpg

geg house

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Lia Hartoutsiou

Client: Private

Type: Residential

Location: Nicosia- Cyprus

Area: 425 sqm

Stage: Building Permit

Design: 2021

EkkyS_GEG House_Render_012.jpg
EkkyS_GEG House_Render_003.jpg


The plain façade of the house has a minimal character with no openings to create full privacy from the street. At the same time, the selected materials and textures of the façade (stone, concrete and screens) are playful for the eye and touch. The overall design of the project is based on the experience of the user and visitor by creating surprising elements in all corners of the house.

EkkyS_GEG House_Render_007.jpg
EkkyS_GEG House_Render_014.jpg


The views are limited from within the plot. Therefore the main concept of the house is to create the views for the users, and at the same time  to have privacy from the street and the neighbors. 

EkkyS_GEG House_Render_005.jpg


The volume of the ground floor is divided by an outdoor garden to separate primary with secondary uses. The main volume of the house which facilitates the kitchen, dining room and living room is fully transparent looking at gardens from all points. The secondary volume which is for the guest toilet, laundry room and an ensuite bedroom has also views towards private gardens. 

EkkyS_GEG House_Render_008.jpg


The design incorporates very few and carefully selected materials, which lead to a formality where less is more. The chosen materials have the capacity to create authentic textures that are pleasing to both the eye and the touch. The house has finishes in rich, natural woods and marble, creating a more humane character. 

Materials like stone, wood, marble are used to emphasize on natural elements that blend in with the surrounding gardens of the house, creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere. The colours of the materials contrast each other and at the same time, their colour-shades are balanced.

EkkyS_GEG House_Render_004.jpg

Ground Floor - Secret Gardens

The main concept of the house was to create the views for the users, therefore ‘secret gardens’ are strategically placed between the house. The gardens become a surprising element for visitors and a hidden jungle for the users which is visible from all areas of the house. 

All areas of the house, even the secondary areas have their own views or private gardens were at the same time the whole landscape is linked harmonically together.

The gardens wrap the house to enhance privacy and bring nature within the house.

EkkyS_GEG House_Render_013.jpg


The size of the plot allows the design to expand the outdoor spaces and create different experiences and activities for the user. 
The outdoor space includes a big covered veranda to use as a sitting space with a BBQ, a bonfire that can be used during winter times as an outdoor activity and the Pavilion which can function as a pool room and at the same time adapt to the needs of the user. All the outdoor elements can be used as shared elements with the future house.

EkkyS_GEG House_Render_006.jpg
EkkyS_GEG House_Render_011.jpg
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