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Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Aimilios Kourafas, William Mondejar, Andria Charilaou

Client: Private

Type: Residential

Location: Halkidiki - Greece

Area: 12,495 sqm

Stage: Design

Design: 2019 - 2020



Type A

The house consists of a white volume that is developed on two levels. The architecture is simple, dynamic and is shaped like a rectangular cubic structure, while its various architectural elements depart horizontally and vertically from the original boundary shape, with the ultimate aim of highlighting the landscape and creating organized landscapes.

The guiding principle of the design was to create a home that combines transparency with sustainability, forming a strong relationship between building and landscape. The harmony between landscape and interior, architecture and nature was a key factor in the design, especially in terms of views, materials, colors and lighting.



On the first level are the bedrooms, which have a great view of the sea with access to the common covered terrace, while auxiliary areas and aisle are on the back of the floor.

EkkyS_Halkidiki_Renders_009 croppes.jpg

Directing the view to the sea 

The strategic layout of the volumes and the large apertures focus on the panoramic view, without being able to distinguish between indoor and outdoor. The use of glass at the front and the back, the main volume visually connects the two boundaries of the plot, so that the view is visible from every part of the house.



Type B

The house consists of a ground floor white volume. The design clearly promotes an outdoor lifestyle, with flowing relaxation and entertainment areas - living room, dining room and kitchen - strategically placed between two outdoor spaces. These large openings on both sides of the house blur the boundaries between inside and outside, connecting the two. Continuous flooring and white domination intensify this architectural continuity.



Interior elements, divide the house into different zones, creating private spaces. The open plan layout of the house allows for a smooth transition between private and communal spaces. The kitchen, the living room and the dining room are directly connected to the respective outdoor area.


The bedrooms are positioned in a straight line, creating a purely private area, separated from the common areas of the house. The layout of this zone on a vertical axis, gives all bedrooms and utility rooms plenty of natural light and air. The entrance has been strategically positioned in the center of the volume to open directly to the endless view.



The entrance has been strategically positioned in the center of the volume to open directly to the endless view.


Directing the view to the sea

The volume layout and outdoor areas at the front and back of the public zone direct the view to the sea view and allow plenty of light inside the house. The airy design and large openings at the two sides of the main volume illuminate the interior and allow visual connections from both boundaries of the plot.



Type F

The house consist of two main spaces on the ground floor, a big central one that unifies the areas for relaxation and entertainment which these are the living room and the dinning area. The second space is for a private use where the kitchen and the office room/ quest room are strategically placed. On the first floor the there are 4 bedrooms, located along the living room's perimeter and at the same time are facing towards the  sea view.

EkkyS_Touristic village Halkidiki_Villa_

The double height ceiling is placed between  the two external verandas in order to exaggerate the double view and provide the opportunity to the user to choose their view either towards the sea or the courtyard.


The selection of the materials follows the other Villa Types in order to create a cohesion between the plots. All the materials are carefully selected to blend in with the surrounding environment.


Public and Private

The ground level is divided into to sections, private (kitchen and quest room/office space and public (living room, dinning room).



Type G

The ground floor of the house consist of a large space that includes an open plan living room, kitchen and office/guest room. On the  first floor there are  5 en-suite bedrooms. The house includes internal and external green spaces, swimming pool and exterior sitting area with bonfire .


On the ground floor the dinning and living room are direct connection with the swimming pool which is located at the left site of the plot and the external green area and the existing natural elements of the surrounding environment.



The main idea of the layout is based on plain volumes where perforated elements bring light to the interior. The use of secondary volumes within the main volume are used to facilitate the natural elements in the plot such as the green spaces and the swimming pool which are intersecting and dividing the two main volumes.

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