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EkkyS_KA Residence Revised_Renders_006.j

KJ house

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Petros Stavrakis, Katerina Pavlou 

Client: Private

Type: Residential

Location: Limassol - Cyprus

Area: 884 sqm

Design: 2020

Stage: Building Permit

EkkyS_KA Residence Revised_Renders_002.j


The concept of the building is focused around vertical and horizontal axes in plan that provide views towards Limassol city and the nearby hills, creating the living spaces among with green open features. Green spaces act like pockets attached to the house, providing it with a sense of freshness and openess.

EkkyS_KA Residence Revised_Renders_007.j
EkkyS_KA Residence Revised_Renders_009.j


Big open spaces and floating elements where also a vital design technic to achieve ‘infinity’ features  to the final result. Features such as double height entrance, living and dining space, overfloating ‘infinity’ pool and floating slabs in the kitchen space and the pavilion.

EkkyS_KA Residence Revised_Renders_008.j


The house is described by a series of vertical axes that are connected with a strong horizontal circulation axis. This arrangement organise the space around the garden providing the best views towards Limassol city and ensuring the required privacy from the surroundings viewpoints.

EkkyS_KA Residence Revised_Renders_005.j
EkkyS_KA Residence Revised_Renders_013.j


The house concept is completed by the pavilion, a space that includes an entertening program with gym, pool table and an office. The pavilion is sinked into the ground and acts indepentedly from the main house volume with a light floating green roof.

EkkyS_KA Residence Revised_Renders_003.j
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EkkyS_KA Residence Revised_Renders_011.j
EkkyS_KA Residence Revised_Renders_001_B
EkkyS_KA Residence Revised_Renders_004.j
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EkkyS_KA Residence Revised_Renders_012.j
EkkyS_KA Residence Revised_Renders_018_B
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