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LA BANQUE - The Chromite Suite

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Andria Charilaou, Polina Dudkina

Client: Private

Type: Hospitality - Hotel Room

Location: Limassol - Cyprus

Area: 45 sqm

Stage: Design

Design: 2021

EkkyS_La Banque_Renders_B_001.jpg


The approach takes its queue from the original concept of La Banque as a former old city bank, a centre for trade and commerce at the heart of the city. Metals and minerals have historically formed the core of Cyprus trade and are a inseparable from the island’s identity. These concealed natural treasures, hidden within the landscape, have inspired the design of suites at La Banque Hotel. 

EkkyS_La Banque_Renders_B_007.jpg


Drawing on the idea of layers of ore within a mass of rock, functional elements are introduced into the space as sculptural ‘insertions’, playing with mass and void to create a landscape for living.

EkkyS_La Banque_Renders_B_010.jpg
EkkyS_La Banque_Renders_B_009.jpg
EkkyS_La Banque_Renders_B_008.jpg
EkkyS_La Banque_Renders_B_003.jpg
LA BANQUE 2021.03.09 AXO copy.jpg
EkkyS_La Banque_Renders_B_004.jpg
EkkyS_La Banque_Renders_B_006.jpg
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