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Markideio Theatre

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Client: Municipality of Paphos

Type: Competition

Location: Paphos - Cyprus

Design: 2015

Renders: Theodoros Giannopoulos

The basic intentions in the original design idea were the routes in the interior of the plot as well as the creation of a ‘centre’, public space, that results from them which will be used by the residents irrespective of the operation of the theatre. The surrounding space and its immediate relation to the town as well as the use of the building as a meeting place, an events area, a park and a theatre yard were the basic elements in the decisions regarding the resolution of the project.

The Foyer functions as a central meeting and waiting place which has a direct relation with the exterior. The cafeteria has been designed as an extension of the foyer with its own yard and a separate entrance so that it can function, independent of the use of the theatre, as a meeting place between the pedestrian and the visitor.

The building volume remains minimal with smooth curves that create a progressive increase in volume from the ground level to the vertical volume of the central stage tower.  The black metallic lintel beams on the ground floor elevations create a game of hollow/full, giving the impression of an alternating flow.
The game of elevations continues with the spot lighting in the specially designed slated space of the square lobby which aims at creating a theatrical atmosphere in the exterior of the building. In the space of the plot related to the second phase, a slightly elevated pedestrian area is created which is delimited by inclined flower gardens around the perimeter of the plot limits.

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