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mazotos (beach) garden

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Associate Architect: Ryder

Design Team: Aimilios Kourafas - Petros Stavrakis - Lia Hartoutsiou - Andria Charilaou

Client: Private

Type: Mixed Use

Location: Larnaca - Cyprus 

Area: 64000 Sqm

Design: 2019

Stage: Design

EkkyS_Mazzotos Project_Render_001.jpg


The Larnaca Mazotos (Beach) Garden project is located in a prime position on the South Coast of Cyprus next to the Mediterranean Sea. The Client acquired seven plots of land in Mazotos, Larnaca District with a total area of 87.823 m2 with the aim of developing the coastline with high quality property design suitable for investors. 

EkkyS_Mazzotos Project_Render_006.jpg


The proposal involves a masterplan concept derived from eight design actions based on the project’s program: 1. Defining the Plot, 2. Pulling Water in and Pushing Land Out, 3. Creating Access Roads, 4. Luxury Villas, 5. Apartments, 6. Commercial Strip, 7. High Rise Buildings, and 8. Landscaping.

EkkyS_Mazzotos Project_Render_004.jpg

Defining the Plot
Following the client’s acquirement of plots in the location of Mazotos, Larnaca, Cyprus, the red line defines the plot with a total area of 87.823 m2. This combination of 7 plots into one large polygonal shape has uninterrupted sea views, 360 metres of coastline, a level site, public road access and is in close proximity to the highway with at a distance of 16 Kilometres (South West) from Larnaca International Airport. 

EkkyS_Mazzotos Project_Render_002.jpg


Within the 87.823 m2 polygonal shaped plot of land a strong site strategy of layering information including the actions of pulling water in from the sea and pushing land from the plot out to sea, and the creation of roads crossing through the site linking existing roads to fit in the context and character of the area, helped to enhance the site’s uninterrupted sea views and connections with surrounding nature.



The strategic positioning of the project’s programme was developed around the site strategy with a zone of luxury villas located close to neighbouring houses (East), apartments facing the public road (North), a commercial strip with a recreational hub running from North to South along a private road to a marina (West), two high rise buildings parallel to the diagonal water lagoon cutting into the site (Centre), and in the remaining spaces landscaped areas of green parks, public squares and lakes



Nature and materiality tie the whole project together influencing the sustainable design of the buildings with flowing terraces filled with vegetation, green roofs and green parks enhancing the connection between inside and outside. Water is the main element of the project; maximising uninterrupted views to the sea, the hotel and villas making the most of their natural surroundings with private beaches towards the sea and water lagoon, public lakes and private pools scattered as oasis’ throughout the project, and the commercial strip ending at a marina floating on the sea. 

EkkyS_Mazzotos Project_Render_003.jpg
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