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MEf house

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Marina Georgiou, Andrea Margadji

Client: Private

Type: Residential

Location: Nicosia- Cyprus

Area: 240 sqm

Stage: Planning Permit

Design: 2021


One of the main interests of the house was the size of its plot. The main idea was to work on the landscape, which is critical to the design in order to avoid a scenario where big areas of the plot are not used because the appropriate attention was not given to them. In order to profit from the totality of the plot, it was divided into different zones. Each zone was assigned a function based on its location and privacy needs.

The coherence between the different areas was also a big part of the concept. A great attention was not only paid on an optimal flow between the interior areas but also between the interior and exterior ones which become a vital element of the house. Finally, a double-height entrance, the implementation of green areas into the design and an optimal orientation to profit from natural daylight and natural ventilation, were all elements that were taken into consideration for the creation of a qualitative living environment.


Interior exterior cohesion

The kitchen and living room extend to the outside for an optimal layout plan and a maximum cohesion between the different areas. In addition, a number of vertical elements such as cupboards and benches extend from the indoors to the outdoors. The same applies for the green area in the entrance.


The entrance is a double-height space that is located between two gardens offering a captivating entryway. The family can also access the house from the service zone which is connected to the garage. A main open-space area accommodates the kitchen, dining and living room.

02 Final A.jpg


Different types of gardens are designed. Next to the kitchen a vegetable garden is designed, while in the backyard area a dry garden is imagined which needs very little maintenance. Tall trees are imagined to be planted at the garden at the east of the pool in order to offer privacy to the family. The wall at the west of the pool serves the same role. Finally, for the buffer garden, a dense greenery is planed in order to hide the professional equipment from the guests.

03 Final.jpg
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