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MUS house

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Alexandros Kkoufou

Client: Private

Type: Residential

Location: Limassol- Cyprus

Area: 1058 sqm

Stage: Construction

Design: 2020

EkkyS_Murad_Revised_FinalCGIs (4).jpg


In such a unique and challenging program the concept of the house is the most important aspect dictating all the necessary design moves. Given the particular site of the plot, allowing for direct views towards the city and the nearby hills, it was of utmost importance to embed this characteristic as much as possible.

EkkyS_Murad_Revised_FinalCGIs (10).jpg
EkkyS_Murad_Revised_FinalCGIs (9).jpg


The concept is derived by creating slots along the plot allowing for creating spaces which alternate from private to common with the aid of in-between open spaces. Furthermore this permits of experiencing the house through always providing light penetrating everywhere in the house, even in a big part of the basement.

EkkyS_Murad_Revised_FinalCGIs (13).jpg
EkkyS_Murad_Revised_FinalCGIs (12).jpg


In the basement a linear garden along the parking ramp provides a lush green area for the office with natural light and ventilation, completely removing the feeling of an underground space. The rest of the space is arranged to accommodate all the required functions of the program while embedding elements enhancing the space like, cars visible from the office, large open window space with wine cellar in the entrance and another yard to bring even more light

In-between Open Spaces 

Open spaces positioned in-between the house layout are of key importance in order to provide unique aesthetics and to add more value to how the spaces are experienced by providing light, air and greenery. Additionally these spaces act as buffer zones between different areas of the house.  

EkkyS_Murad_Revised_FinalCGIs (6).jpg
EkkyS_Murad_Revised_FinalCGIs (7).jpg


Moving to the ground floor, the first slot on the northern part of the plot, houses all the bedrooms for the kids so it disconnects any noise or privacy when it is required from the common area. Moving to the second slot, the space houses a spacious double height room with all the common areas while being orientated towards the city views and the garden of the house. On top of this area, the master bedroom is placed in the most privileged space to ensure maximum privacy and also being allocated the best views. The last slot houses the ‘‘pavilion’’ type residence overlooking in the garden of the house making it suitable also as the ‘‘pool house’’

EkkyS_Murad_Revised_FinalCGIs (2).jpg
EkkyS_Murad_Revised_FinalCGIs (8).jpg
EkkyS_Murad_Revised_FinalCGIs (3).jpg
EkkyS_Murad_Revised_FinalCGIs (14).jpg
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