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CLUB resort

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Stefanos Theodorou - Eleftherios Nicolaou - Lia Hartoutsiou - Aimilios Kourafas - Petros Stavrakis - Marina Georgiou - Aram Ahmad 

Client: Private

Type:Hospitality- Competition

Location: Nicosia

Area: 4786 sqm

Stage: Architectural Competition: Concept Design

Design: 2022

Render_007 copy.jpg


The main concept idea of the project is to create an aestheticly pleasing, minimal and cozy environment where the visitors can “escape” from the busy character of the area and yet, be next to the city centre. Taking into consideration the urban context, privacy for the residents was the main priority. Therefore, matching the area’s scale, we created a shell with volumes that wrap the private facilities and form a central courtyard. Also the use of parking spaces around the building volumes creates the first layer of privacy by increasing the distance of the blocks from the main roads.

EN_exploded iso.jpg


The architectural language of the resort is based on a monolithic pattern using earthy and pastel tones in order to create an exotic and dreamy environment. The design was developed through a series of playful and minimal volumes, exterior corridors to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. The monolithicness of the project becomes an oasis in the city centre.

Render_006 copy+.jpg

Concept Diagram

Car entrances are strategically placed along two main roads to allow easy access from both sides, making the inner access
paths the first layer from the public, busy roads. The accessible by the public blocks, are facing the street creating a privacy shell for the rest of the development. The
rooms and the courtyard are located at the back to maximize privacy for the residents.





MAP CLUB_restaurant_interior 01.jpg
MAP CLUB_restaurant_interior 02.jpg
EN_restaurant axo.jpg


MAP CLUB_multiuse_INTERIOR 2.jpg
MAP CLUB_multiuse_INTERIOR 01.jpg
EN_axo multiuse.jpg


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