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SKY house

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: William Mondejar, Petros Stavrakis

Client: Private

Type: Residential

Location: Limassol - Cyprus

Area: 734 sqm

Stage: Planning Permit

Design: 2019



The House is designed to merge in the landscape, while also having a strong, prominent image. Since there is a relatively big height difference between the two sides of the plot, this difference needed to be absorbed in the design, so that the building is correctly placed on the landscape. Due to the topography of the plot, two floating elements are created to take advantage of the view.  


The concept involves a series of planes/slabs cascading down the existing topography sitting on prominent stone walls which frame the views towards the surrounding landscape. A wrapping element defines the interior of the house. 



The ground level comprises of an open plan living room and dining room, semi open plan kitchen, outdoor relaxation areas and dining areas, an infinity swimming pool, bonfire space and exterior as well as interior gardens. The creation of the internal garden area connects the open-plan living room with the semi open-plan kitchen which at the same time serves as a separation element. This garden provides an a 360 view of the surroundings such as the sky, living spaces, upper floor, outdoor spaces and pavilion on the street level. 



On the first floor two zones are created to separate the main and secondary spaces. The two zones are connected through a corridor/bridge to enhance the privacy of both zones.The layout isolates the bedrooms to create privacy for the users and at the same time opens to the West for natural ventilation. The corridor/bridge is visible from the entrance, creating a relationship between indoor and outdoor, however, the ground floor and the main areas remain private. All the bedrooms are en-suite with a skylight and face West for better ventilation.

Linear Orientation
The primary concept is to slice the plot with prominent linear axes. The two horizontal axes define the enclosed areas and the vertical axes the outdoor spaces. This layout allows the user to have a clear and direct view towards the sky and the landscape scenery around the plot. In order to create a dynamic and clear concept the vertical axes are designed as stone walls to stand out.



Very few materials are used, to compliment the simplicity of the design where less is more. The prominent stone walls give direction, while complimenting the strong, monumental nature of the house. Materials like concrete and travertine are used to radiate luxury and add to the contemporary yet luxurious character of the house. Black Aluminium panels enclose parts the house, creating playful elevations and intersecting volumes. The earthy palette used comes in contrast with these dark - coloured surfaces, giving the house a unique identity. The pale, naturally pigmented colours are used to create a warm, light atmosphere, while they compliment the simplicity of the design. The dark metal on the other hand, has a strong appearance and gives a stronger image to the house. The treatment of the roof with the diagonal edges create the illusion of a slimmer finish. The under side of the roof is covered in timber to establish a warm atmosphere. 



Green Zones are integrated in the space, creating a more transparent design. The green areas bring nature and light into the interior and connect the two sides of the plot. Furthermore, the void connecting the two floors allows light into the interior making the space brighter and creates a more vibrant atmosphere.

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