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The Muse Apartments in Limassol,Cyprus-modern residential architecture

the muse apartments

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Marina Georgiou - Irene Evgeniou

Client: PlanetVision Properties

Type: Residential

Location: Limassol - Cyprus

Area: 2000 Sqm

Design: 2017

Stage: Construction

Following clean and straight lines, the design reinforces the idea behind the concept: less is more.
An important element of this building is the transparent central spine, which creates an immediate visual relationship between the front and the back. This element helps to create a fluid design, and gives a light atmosphere to the building. Greenery is also a protagonist in this building, since it surrounds the apartments and brings nature into the interior. Green voids in the central spine, fill the building with nature along its vertical axis.  
contempory architectural design with less is more concept
modern apartments with light materials and greenery by ekky studio architects

Linear Slicing of the Plot
The primary concept is to slice the plot with prominent linear dividers, to direct the focus towards the main road.

modern living space in the muse apartment by ekky studio architects
architectural connection between the insid and outdoors space

Glass seperates the main areas with the exterior, while large verandas and greenery surround the building. This creates connection between the inside and the outside, allowing views and light to flow into the interior.
Each apartment comprises of a spacious open plan living room, open plan kitchen and dining area, outdoor relaxation areas, a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, two spacious double bedrooms with a shared bathroom, guest WC and two large verandas. Also, the top floor apartments each have access to a spacious roof garden with a sitting area, barbecue area and outdoor dining area.
The main spaces of the apartments, the living room and kitchen area, face the main road, while the bedrooms and service zone are located at the back.

living room area materiality concept by ekky studio rchitects
the muse apartment in limassol cyprus residential design by ekky studio architects
beautiful roof garden view from the rooftop of the muse apartments by ekky studio architects

The chosen materials have the capacity to create authentic textures that are pleasing to both the eye and the touch. Pale, naturally pigmented colors are used to create a warm, light atmosphere.

Concrete, reinforces the building’s light atmosphere with its pale colour, yet creates a feeling of privacy where it is needed.
Outside as well as inside, the apartments have finishes in rich, natural woods. Voids with gardens on every floor, greenery along the whole of the perimeter, are only some of the ways we used to create a trasparent design and bring nature into the interior. With the help of these open spaces, not only we bring light into the interior, but foster a sense of harmony, creating an atmosphere of relaxation. Green voids along the central axis of the building, result in a transparent design, allowing views  from the front side of the plot to the back, and vice versa.

The combination of materials plus the addition of nature gives the building a natural and contemporary image.

the muse apartments street view of fascinating light architectural design with green voids

The Muse Apartments in Cyprus - Architecture and Modern Design

the muse apartments street view of fascinating light architectural design with green voids
the muse apartments street view of fascinating light architectural design with green voids
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