Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Aimilios Kourafas

Client: Private

Type: Residential

Location: Nicosia - Cyprus

Area: 540 sqm

Design: 2019

Stage: Planning Permit


The house has a contemporary and industrial character, with unobstructed views to the Garden, maximum sunlight, adequate privacy and transparency. The common areas face Southwest, with linear elements directing all focus towards the exterior gardens. By extending the linear exterior elements to the limits of the plot, we take full advantage of the plot area to create quality outdoor spaces. By connecting the inside with the outside, we create a transparent design - the spaces become larger as the interior becomes one with the exterior, bringing more light and nature into the interior.

Directing focus towards the South & Garden
The primary concept is to direct the focus towards the south, to have unobstructed views to the garden as well as maximum sunlight. The use of glazing around garden brings nature into the interior, connecting the outside with the inside. In this way, we bring light into the house and foster a sense of harmony with the natural surroundings.


The ground floor combines exposed concrete walls and perforated metal screens, creating playful facades  by adding a layer of translucency on it. The upper part of the building has a strong rectangular shape  and is wrapped in vertical terracotta louvers, which provide protection from the sun and reveal and conceal various parts of the interior.  Garden is one of the most important elements of the house, as all the main spaces have views towards it. Located to the southern and west boundary of the plot, we achieve maximum sunglight and air quality. The outdoor spaces, including the Barbecue Area, Garden and Swimming Pool appear to be extending out of the interior spaces. The semi-outdoor water pond is also an important feature, as it blends the interior with the exterior and brings cool air into the house. It separates the Dining with the Living Area, and provides a unique character when you enter the building.


The Ground Floor consists of the Living Area, the Dining Area, the Kitchen, the Water Pond, the double Parking and the Ensuite Bedroom.

On the First Floor, the Master Bedroom is located South-West and is seperated from the rest of the bedrooms, which are located on the North side of the plot. The separation is achieved with a “bridge” which connects the two sides across the double height space of the dining area on the floor below.


23 Dimofontos
1075 Nicosia - Cyprus

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