The Muse Apartments in Limassol,Cyprus-modern residential architecture

UKIYO | Listening bar

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Andria Charilaou

Client: UKIYO Listening Bar

Type: Interior Design - Hospitality

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Design: 2021

Area: 130 sqm

Stage: Under Construction



The concept idea was to design of a unique space to serve both as a listening bar and a restaurant. The design is based on the principles of Japanese and Scandinavian architecture with the addition of elements from the 50’s and 60’s. The aim was to offer the user a high quality sound experience and simultaneously a fresh, welcoming and well-designed space. Emphasis is also given to the atmosphere of the bar with a careful selection of soundproofing materials like fabric and wood.



The signature materials of the house are oak wood, black metal at the bottom, perforated wood panels, concrete floor, fabric walls, gray granite and bamboo plants. These materials redefine the character of the bar while keeping a minimal attitude.