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Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Design Team: Lia Hartoutsiou

Client: Private

Type: Residential 

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Area: 947 sqm

Stage: Design Stage

Design: 2022



In the current plot there is an existing Neoclassical, two floor house. The initial conceptual stradigy is to maintain the existing structure and renovate externally and internally. The architectural language of the existing house is defined by its rectangular symmetry and its simple and yet strict geometry. Therefore, as a concept the aim is to maintain the volumetric language but in a contemporary manner and further express it through the facade and the needed extensions.



The concept idea is to transform the house and give it a contemporary look where at the same time maintaining its classicism. To achieve this language an external wall layer was added to give depth to the walls and create playful cuts that will allow the building and the plot it self to breath.



Ground Floor



The selected materials are based on classical and modern textures such as fishbone parquet for indoor floor and travertino for outdoor verandas. The same language and colour pallet is used for the interior cladding where warm walnut wood is used for the living room ceiling and lava stone for the built furniture of the villa to contrast with the wood and the white walls. Moreover, a lot of greenery is place within the villa to bring nature closer to the everyday uses, to bring colour to the living areas and create a cossy atmosphere.



All these classical materials are combined with contemporary lines and designs to match today’s design era and at the same time to reflect the style of the existing villa.As for the exterior, a linear horizontal texture is proposed with beige shades to blend it with the surrounding environment. The linearity on the textured wall gives to the proposed volumes a contemporary character where allows to shadows to be playful on the building facade.



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