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Vantage pavilion

Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita

Client: Vantage Airport Group

Type: Commercial - Competition

Location: Las Vegas - USA

Design: 2017

The design concept of the Routes Americas 2017 stand is all about creating a new modern image of the Vantage Airport Group. The design approach of the new pavilion stems from and focuses on the image of the company and what they represent: Airport –Airplanes. We used and interpreted the logo of the company, the wings, to create a dynamic shape for the pavilion and the feeling of movement and lightness.

Only two materials have been used, gypsum board and wood. The wooden structure is at the same time the finish of part of the walls. The extension lines of the logo’s geometry are forming the main composition of the four facades. The shell is half solid and half perforated with wooden vertical repetitive elements that give an elegant shape to the pavilion.

The main façade of the stand will host a big video wall for branding purposes.  Next to it is the main entrance of the pavilion with the lighted vantage logo at the background and in front of it is a bar for relaxing and drinks. Behind the video wall is the conference room with the entrance on the side and in the interior a lounge area with sofas has been designed with table for placing the physical model of the airport. In front of it there is a counter with electrical plugs and internet access.

All internal and external walls could potentially host boards with information or branding panels. The wooden structure is simple and easy to build and the main color that has been used is the blue of the vantage logo. The design of the vantage stand for Routes Americas 2017 exhibition aims at standing out from the rest as well as at creating a minimal and interesting architectural branding “object”.

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